Thursday 23 April 2020

A letter in the Times!

A letter of mine appeared in today's edition of the Times.  An image can be seen below:

CHALLENGING QUIZ Sir, I suspect those who criticise the presence of individual Oxbridge colleges on University Challenge (News, Apr 18, and letter, Apr 21) have never observed the teams that compete for the universities’ quiz societies. I have quizzed my entire life, and appeared with some success on both University Challenge and the US programme Jeopardy!, but when against the top Cambridge quizzers, I felt like an utter ignoramus. Oxford and Cambridge are significantly disadvantaged by having their most brilliant quizzers more or less randomly scattered between more than 70 colleges. If each put forward a team of the strongest quizzers in the entire university, the finals would have to be renamed the Varsity Quiz Match, because no other university would stand a chance.  The system of allowing separate colleges is for the protection of other universities rather than a matter of Oxbridge privilege. Elijah Granet University Challenge contestant for Clare College, Cambridge, 2018; London W1
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