Friday 4 June 2021

A Letter in the Times!

 I was delighted to, once again, have a letter in The Times.  The letter may be read below:

Sir, Our present times are not unique in valuing academic intelligence (James Marriott, comment, Jun 3). For centuries Chinese society heavily prized and promoted those who could successfully think their way through demanding civil service examinations. Equally, since the first century Jews have prized as their leaders not the strongest or most dexterous, but the most learned scholars. Academic education, be it in the minutiae of Confucius, the Talmud or, as in Mr Marriott’s case, English literature, is a precious and wonderful thing prized by many cultures throughout history, but has historically been reserved to a small elite. We should celebrate the democratisation and popularisation of this once scarce resource. Elijah Zachary Granet San Diego, California
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