Monday 20 September 2021

A letter in the Economist!

 I am delighted that a letter of mine was published in the most recent edition of the Economist, one of the world's finest publications.  The letter can be seen below, and you can also click on the video below to hear a professional broadcaster reading my letter in the audio version of the article:

Loyalty oaths are not a novel, “woke” development at the University of California. Loyalty oaths were imposed on its employees in the 1950s, when a right-wing state legislature got caught up in the Red Scare and tried to flush out closet Marxists. This utterly failed. To put it mildly, there are quite a few Marxist dons in California’s university system today. In a twist of irony Ernst Kantorowicz, a scholar of medieval studies and strident anti-communist, lost his job when he refused to take the McCarthyite oath on principle. Woke oaths will fail, too.  elijah granet San Diego
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