Saturday 25 June 2022

A letter in the Times on the legal profession

 I am delighted to have had a letter published in The Times on the legal profession.  It can be read below, or by clicking this link:

WHAT PRICE JUSTICE? Sir, It is ironic that a letter from so many QCs would demand special pleading (Jun 24). The lord chief justice cannot take aside in the Bar’s dispute with the government but must continue to enforce rules neutrally and without fear or favour. If barristers fail to keep the obligation they gave to attend court on a certain day, the lord chief justice cannot ignore this breach of the rules without implicitly endorsing the strike and compromising his neutrality. The direction that judges should sanction barristers who break rules is thus a judicial and wise course of action. That criminal QCs read this basic judicial duty as “intimidation” is absurd. Barristers may have good reason to strike but they cannot expect no consequences to flow from choosing to break the rules. Elijah Granet Visiting lecturer, the City Law School
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