Wednesday 26 October 2022

A letter in the Times!

 I was very pleased to have the following letter in The Times recently:

Modern monarchy Sir, Alice Thomson assumes that as Britain becomes more democratic and modern, royal ceremony and dignity must be scaled back (Comment, Oct 18). As Walter Bagehot observed, though, the more democratic we get, the more ceremonial we shall get. It is not a coincidence that the pomp and bombast of the monarchy mostly dates from the era after the Great Reform Acts, as Britain became closer and closer to what we consider a modern democratic state. It is a sign of celebration of the institution of constitutional monarchy as the keystone of a democratic and free public order. It symbolises that, as Britain continues to change, we value more and more what Churchill called a "true bulwark of British freedom" constitutional monarchy. Elijah Granet Visiting lecturer in law The City Law School
The letter

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