Saturday 4 May 2019

Another Letter to the Editor in the Times!

I am yet again delighted to have a letter published in today's Times! A screenshot is below:
Sir, Philip Collins (“We must save the Queen from parliament”, May 3) neglects to mention the greatest danger posed by constitutional codification: it binds future politicians to present norms. The US is still shackled to an 18th-century document containing the right to bear arms, with deadly consequences. That same horrific “right” also appears in the English Bill of Rights. Had some bright 17th-century version of Mr Collins had the idea of codifying that document, Britain would today be in the same unenviable position as the US. Fortunately, the parliamentarians of 1689 had the sense to avoid codification. We would do well to follow their example. Elijah Zachary Granet San Diego, California
This picture of text has alt-text for accessibility!

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